This ministry aims to bring Godliness in marriages and establish Marriage Outreaches by the coming together of married couples from all walks of life and have marital teachings and topical discussion sessions, as well as establishing various  activities that can be tools used to reach lost souls  for Christ. This ministry aims empower couples to live the tasteful marriages of their dreams as we use the word of God as our authority.

Marriage enrichment is the art of the primary type of life that is lived by married people with a mind that is focusing to achieve desired goals in their lives.

The five main objectives of this marriage are:

1. To promote a mutual commitment to growth in the marital relationship as well as in their relationship with God.

2. To develop and agree on a communication style of talking and listening that works for enhancement of the marital relationship;

3. To learn how to over conflict in positive creative ways that helps, not destroy the marital relationship by sharing ideas and positive feelings one to another;

4. To develop and maintain a desired goal that draws into the presence of intimacy in the marital relationship, utilizing a variety of positive interaction skills.

Marriage enrichment takes place when couples deem their marriage of primary importance. Marriage itself should be treated as more important than any benefit that comes into our lives as a result of devotion or commitment to it.