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That Marriage is a Heavenly Product:-Gen2:18-23

I- A. Belief in origins is foundational. “In the beginning God”! No question about that.

B. A foundational passage about the foundational social institution: A creation ordinance.          Matthew 19:4-5, I Corinthians 11:8.

2. It is not good for you to be alone:-Genesis 2:18-20

A. A shocking evaluation, Genesis 2:18, Genesis 1:4, 10, 12; 18,21,25,31.

  1. The situation was not bad or evil, but instead it was lacking.
  2. The wife is designed by God to make her husband complete.

B. The marriage life is a lifelong covenant relationship between one woman and one man:-       Matthew 19:4-5.

i. No other creature is a suitable helper to man.

ii. Only a woman can complete a man (and only a man can complete a woman) and                    every men has to believe and accept that.

3.  A Marriage is a divine institution:-

i. The first marriage was not just a mating but a covenant ceremony which made God to          be personally involved by blessing them.

ii. Every existing marriage has to follow the pattern of the first marriage as this pattern           involves 3 persons who are: man, woman, and God.

iii. God’s judgement will be upon those who tamper with marriage- Heb13:4

B. Marriage is meant by God to be a blessing for mankind:-

1. Adam rejoices in the spouse God gives him, Gen2:23, Pr18:22.

2. God still brings together Adams and Eves of our generation.

3. Hey men let us Rejoice in the spouses God has given us.Gen2:23, Pr5:18-9.

4. The primary goal of marriage is to glorify God.

C. Marriage is designed by God as a picture of our relationship to Him.

God’s 4 Commands to all men:-                                                                                                Mtt2:24.                                                                                                                                            a. Leave: Man’s responds to leave will create a new family unit, but Refusing to leave is a   violation of God’s plan                                                                                                                      b. Cleave: Marriage established is not a short term covenant Relationship, but Long Life           lived together between the husband and his wife.                                                                     NB: This marriage is designed to be permanent and most intimate relationship between the two and the Slogan is, “Until death do us part                                                                       c. One Flesh: The physical Union is a symbolic expression of the marriage covenant lived in the fear of the Lord Genesis 4:1.                                                                                                    d. What God has joined together, let no man separate-Matthew 19:6.